I am a Los Angeles based actress and writer.

Reasonable Reasons

Reasons for our Discontent

“I can’t get out of this hole! Im stuck. This sucks.”
“What if you use those boards and nails you have there and build a ladder?”
“I don’t like nails and I’m not good with hammers.”
“What if you dig down and just see whats there?”
“Ive done that before. Theres nothing there, Im pretty sure. I tried that before and I didn’t find anything so there’s probably not anything there now either.”
“What if you ran really fast from one side to the other and built up enough speed to climb over the edge?”
“What? And hurt my knees. You can hurt your knees doing that.”
“What about those wings over there? You could learn how to fly.”
“Thats a lot of work. Like, a LOT of work, I heard.”
“Doesn’t sitting in this hole complaining take a lot of work?”
“Yeah. Maybe. I just.. I don’t know what else to do.”

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Test Post Two, Lots of things to say